In November 2020 a Data Stewardship training event was held at The University of Manchester. This was part of the first stage of the University’s new Research Data Management Strategy. The training was very well received by participants and generated discussion and feedback which have fed into our planning process for the Data Stewardship strand of the RDM Strategy. Leading on from the training event we are participating in the RDA Professionalising Data Stewardship Interest Group, contributing to the theme ‘integration of data stewardship across an organisation’ and are looking forward to this IG session on Business Case, Terminology & Organisational Models, at the RDA’s 17th Plenary Meeting in April 2021. Our next steps will be to work with people across the University who are well positioned to help develop an approach to resourcing data stewardship at The University of Manchester, and this will be the focus of an ongoing project for the 2021/22 academic year.