Antica Culina
Netherlands Institute of Ecology

Antica’s expertise covers evolutionary ecology of bonding, life-history trade offs, evidence synthesis, and data and code standards. She is one of the pioneers in studying and promoting Open Science practices in ecological and evolutionary research. She is in the executive committee of the SPI-Birds network and database, that she has initiated in 2018. SPI-Birds creates data and meta-data standards for the research community that works on long-term studies of wild birds, and thus facilitates scientific output based on these data. Antica further acts as Scientific Advisor to Open Knowledge Maps and Go FAIR Implementation Network. She further strives to promote diversity and inclusion in academia.
Since her undergrad in Croatia, during her PhD at the University of Oxford, and as a research fellow at the NIOO-KNAW (current position), she has worked on a variety of free-living animal populations. In the last years her 'study system' has also became the scientific process and scientific output itself. More info here:


  1. Ecologist in: creating a roadmap to FAIR standards for their particular subfield / data management / locating open data / increasing their visibility to FAIRsFAIR.
  2. E-infrastructure developers, and data mangers in understanding the landscape of complex and diverse ecological data, and the needs and fears of the ecological research community
  3. Funders and publishers, in creating incentives to increase the FAIRness of the data ecologists create and publish.
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