FAIR-Aware is an online tool which helps researchers and data managers assess how much they know about the requirements for making datasets findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR) before uploading them into a data repository.


The tool comprises 10 carefully designed questions, each generously supplied with additional information and practical tips which extend users' understanding of the FAIR principles as they work through the questionnaire with a target dataset in mind. 

Presented in a clear and informative way and suitable for different research domains, FAIR-Aware provides tips for each question, making it easier for users to understand difficult topics and helping them learn how to make their data more FAIR. Part of this guidance also supports researchers in the choices they need to make to choose a repository to deposit their data in, and how to collaborate with that repository to create a FAIR dataset.

The project team has made the source code of the tool available online in two versions, English and French, hosted by DANS and by Doranum. This source code can be modified to facilitate approval by other databases and also as part of FAIRsFAIR engagement and training activities. The FAIRsFAIR project partners and supporters invite everyone working with research data to use the tool, and spread the word to those who may benefit from it.

November 2021

Launched in June 2020, the tool has received a fresh revamp in November 2021 with new training functionality and updated guidance texts that make the tool more informative and user-friendly. New features include:
  • A learning tool - The tool allows users to learn about each FAIR practice more easily and, hopefully, apply them in their daily practices even faster. 
  • A glossary - It covers some of the most relevant terms related to the FAIR questions in the tool.
  • Trainer functionality - The tool has been upgraded with a functionality to support trainers.
  • FAIR Data Forum - It has a dedicated space on the FAIR Data Forum which gives users a place to discuss questions and topics on the FAIR-Aware tool, accessing tailored support.
  • Share FAIR-Aware! -  It is now easier to share your experience with the tool in your network using the newly integrated social media buttons!

Tip: If you can’t see the changes to the tool yet, try emptying your cache and reloading the site.

FAIR-Aware has been developed by FAIRsFAIR partners DANS, DCC, UniHB and we’ve done our best to make using it as simple and time-efficient as possible. We’re looking to make further improvements so you’ll notice that some of the questions are directed at users. All feedback received will be taken on board and incorporated into a final version. An interim report was published in September 2020 detailing what we’ve learned from this initial phase and explaining the upgrades we have in mind.

Access the FAIR-Aware tool below


FAIR Aware tool - English version

FAIR Aware tool - French version


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