Repository Discovery in DataCite Commons

With the goal to advance the discovery of FAIR-enabling repositories, DataCite Commons has been advanced by integrating repository information from re3data within FAIRsFAIR for an improved and reshaped service.

Originally created in the Enabling FAIR Data project, the Repository Finder is a searchable registry of repositories with embedded content and metadata. Through an iterative process, FAIRsFAIR partners DataCite and re3data further improved and reshaped the tool based on community consultation and feedback and merged it into DataCite Commons.

With repositories being visible in DataCite Commons, the tool allows users to search for repositories based on filters and additionally explore their data objects, contributors, and context. Moreover, repository metadata is embedded in the PID-graph to allow for enhanced machine-readable context information on research data. 

Based on the work in FAIRsFAIR and contribution from community, DataCite and re3data reshaped the existing repository finder as a part of DataCite Commons not only to improve  the repository discovery but also to add value by linking repositories to the research context, e.g. data, scientists and organisations. The integration of repository metadata into Commons and the PID-Graph is a  will be sustained and advanced by both partners within their service portfolios in close collaboration with the communities and infrastructures to meet their needs. 


To learn more about the development and sustainability of repository information within DataCite Commons and re3data, see the final report on Zenodo.

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