The training library contains records to materials and resources that can be used to support training and the development of a harmonised understanding on FAIR related topics.

Items in the library include: 

  • Materials that have been explicitly produced/developed to be reused and shared beyond the initial target audience e.g. train-the trainer related training materials.
  • Materials that are available for re-use/inspiration but have not been explicitly designed for training or re-use beyond the initial purpose e.g. webinars.

The initial selection of materials has been drawn from the FAIRsFAIR project and partners and related FAIR activities.

Object Date Material Type Format

Planning to meet the costs of managing research data to be FAIR

A recording of the introduction to the presentation that was held as part of the SSHOC DARIAH Train-the-Trainer bootcamp. The video supplements the slides Planning to meet the costs of managing research data to be FAIR.


08/02/2021 Presentation webinar, Workshop video

Planning to meet the costs of managing research data to be FAIR

This presentation was held as part of the SSHOC DARIAH Train-the-trainer RDM Bootcamp held in February 2021. This session aims to offer training resources that can be adpated for an institutional context.


08/02/2021 Presentation slides, Workshop pdf

Introduction to Research Data Management and Open Research


17/05/2021 Presentation slides pdf

Pedagogy and learning design for developing training

The learning objective of the session is to equip trainers with the foundations of pedagogy and learning design in delivering training. The learning objective of the exercise is to help trainers understand the basics of developing a training course or a learning session whether face-to-face or online and practise designing it.


07/06/2021 Exercise, Presentation slides pdf, docx

Developing and Implementing a Research Data Policy

Presentation was given as part of the FAIRsFAIR-CODATA-RDA Data Steward Training Series which was held virtually on 11 December 2020 with the National Unviversity of Costa Rica. The session explored issues  to be considered when developing Research Data Management policies and related support services. 


25/02/2021 Presentation slides pptx

Introduction to Semantic Artefacts

This presentation introduces people to the idea of 'Semantic Artefacts' and highlights a relationship between the complexity of formats in Tim Berners-Lee’s Five Star Open Data Model and the complexity of Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS) and other Semantic Artefacts.


22/10/2019 Presentation slides pptx

Open and Responsible Research: Roles and Responsibilities for Data Stewards


06/04/2021 Presentation slides pptx

Data access exercise


12/08/2019 Exercise pptx

Data journals - publish and promote your data


12/08/2019 Exercise, Presentation slides pptx

Introduction to linked data


16/08/2019 Presentation slides pdf, pptx