FAIRsFAIR aims to supply practical solutions for the implementation of the FAIR data principles throughout the research data life cycle.

Between March and November 2019, FAIRsFAIR ran an open consultation, and undertook desk research and a small number of interviews to assess the current FAIR policy and practice landscape with regard to:

  • the range of policies that influence the way researchers work
  • the range of initiatives to enable different levels of maturity with regard to FAIR practices across disciplines
  • the sources of support currently available to researchers

Based on this initial landscaping activity, a number of reports have been published along with practical recommendations targeting policy makers, data stewards and repository managers.


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Who took part in the open consultation? 

A total of 106 responses were received. 

The majority of responses were received from: 

  • staff working in Universities (44%) 
  • Research Infrastructure staff (30%) 
  • Research Performing Organisations (10%) and ‘other’ (9%). 

The majority of responses came from countries that currently demonstrate a relatively high engagement with Open Science and the FAIR principles including the UK (19%), Netherlands (13%), Germany (12%), Finland and France (9% each), Ireland, Italy, Spain and Sweden (5% each). 

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