FAIRsFAIR results on the Horizon Results Platform

FAIRsFAIR assets and results published on the Horizon Results Platform

01 June 2022

While receiving the final consolidated review report, FAIRsFAIR made its 21 outputs (classified as key exploitable results, key outputs and key functions)  available on the Horizon Results Platform.

Join the SSH Trainers' Directory!

22 February 2022

Join the SSH Trainers' Directory, the pool of qualified and experienced trainers in the fields of Social Sciences and Humanities!

Additional guidance to the Science Europe DMP assessment rubric

FAIR-Aware for DMP writing: a FAIRsFAIR addition to the Science Europe assessment rubric

21 February 2022

FAIRsFAIR has been working to create guidance on how to use FAIR explicit criteria in DMP creation and review, by extracting guidance information from the FAIR-Aware tool and integrating them into the Science Europe DMP evaluation rubric. This new guidance document is now available on Zenodo for researchers and data stewards who wish to have a more explicit focus and understanding of FAIR data in the planning phase.

Open for public comment: ACME-FAIR guide

20 January 2022

With the turn of the new year the end of the FAIRsFAIR project comes into sight. Work to complete the project’s remaining outputs and activities is increasing ahead of the project drawing to a close at the end of February.

FAIRsFAIR launches an online course for data stewards

20 January 2022

FAIRsFAIR together with EOSC Synergy, two EU-funded projects with the goal to foster FAIR data practices in Europe and drive the EOSC implementation, have recently launched a brand new course.

Recommendations for a FAIR EOSC: White Paper of the FAIRsFAIR Synchronisation Force

Recommendations for a FAIR EOSC: White Paper of the FAIRsFAIR Synchronisation Force

29 December 2021

In this White Paper, the FAIRsFAIR main recommendations are taken a step further and mapped against three priorities identified in the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of the EOSC (SRIA) and the relevant Task Forces under the EOSC Association, to facilitate their impact and uptake. 

FAIRsFAIR publishes FAIR teaching and training adoption handbook and good practices report

17 December 2021

FAIRsFAIR published the two final deliverables of the Work Package: the adoption handbook “How to be FAIR with your data: a teaching and training handbook for higher education institutions” and the report “Good Practices in FAIR Competence Education”.

Digital Preservation Reading Club

Discussion around the topic of “Designated Community”. Upcoming meeting of the Digital Preservation Reading Club

17 December 2021

FAIRsFAIR Champion Barbara Sierman founded the Digital Preservation Reading Club, which meets every 3 months to discuss one publication related to Digital preservation. The next meeting is on 19 January 2022

Commission welcomes political agreement to boost data sharing and support European data spaces

06 December 2021

The Commission welcomes the political agreement reached between the European Parliament and EU Member States on a European Data Governance Act.

A new and improved FAIR-Aware!

26 November 2021

FAIR-Aware has received a fresh revamp over the past few months. Take a look and see for yourself how the new training functionality and updated guidance texts make the tool more informative and user-friendly.