To provide appropriate coordination and interaction with all stakeholders, the governance bodies of FAIRsFAIR – its General Assembly, Executive Committee and Project Coordination Office – are assisted by a pan project Synchronisation Force.

The Synchronisation Force liaises with the five ESFRI Clusters (PANOSC, SSHOC, ENVRI-FAIR, ESCAPE, EOSC-Life), the thematic and regional EOSC (5b) projects (SYNERGY, NORDIC, EOSC-PILLAR, NI4OS-EUROPE, EXPANDS) and the European Group of FAIR Champions. Also, in the framework of the Collaboration Agreement between FAIRsFAIR and EOSCSecretariat, the Synchronisation Force provides input into the EOSC Executive Board Working Groups ‘Landscape’, ‘FAIR’, ‘Sustainability’, ‘Architecture’, ‘and Rules of Participation’.

The key deliverable from the Synchronisation Force is a white paper on FAIR which:

  • documents the outcomes from three workshops to be organised during the life of the project with the aim of developing and tracking an effective FAIR uptake strategy while ensuring synchronisation with the initiatives mentioned above.
  • builds upon the recommendations of the FAIR Expert group report ‘Turning FAIR into reality’.


Synchronisation Force Workshop Series

First workshop - 25 November 2019

Second workshop - 29 April - 11 June 2020


Synchronisation Force Members

WP 2

  Jessica Parland-von Essen and Josefine Nordling, CSC

WP 3

  Joy Davidson and Angus Whyte, DCC

WP 4

  Ilona von Stein, DANS and Hervé L’Hours, University of Essex

WP 5

  Sara Pittonet, Trust-IT Services and Vanessa Proudman, SPARC Europe

WP 6

  Elizabeth Newbold, STFC and Hugh Shanahan, Royal Holloway University of London

WP 7

  Lennart Stoy, EUA, and Bregt Saenen


The Synchonisation Force is supported by DANS, CODATA and Trust-IT Services.

For information please contact Marjan Grootveld at DANS.