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Supporting the Transition to FAIR-enabling through trustworthy and FAIR-aligned Policies

FAIRsFAIR video for the AGUFall2020 Conference

How FAIR is Research in Europe today?

A key challenge for FAIRsFAIR is to ensure that project activities dovetail with work carried out by the Working Groups (WG) of the EOSC Governance, and feed into and complement the work that is being done by other projects in the research data and FAIR space.
For this reason, the FAIRsFAIR project set up the Synchronisation Force, a team tasked with establishing a dialogue among the various projects and actors in both the EOSC and FAIR ecosystems.
The FAIRsFAIR Synchronisation Force is organising its second meeting as a series of virtual workshop sessions from 29 April to 11 June 2020

Interview with Susanna-Assunta Sansone (Data Readiness Group - University of Oxford) - FAIRsFAIR Champion 



Interview with Pedro Principe (University of Minho) - Partner of FAIRsFAIR project



Interview with Tobias Weigel (German Climate Computing Center) - FAIRsFAIR Champion


Interview with Ingrid Dillo (DANS) -  Coordinator of FAIRsFAIR project

Interview with Juan Bicarregui (Science & Technology Facilities Council) - Partner of FAIRsFAIR project

Interview with Lennart Stoy (European University Association) - Partner of FAIRsFAIR project

Interview with Simon Hodson (CODATA) - Partner of FAIRsFAIR project

Interview with Sarah Jones (Digital Curation Centre) - Partner of FAIRsFAIR project

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