The FAIRsFAIR High-Level Advisory Committee (HLAC) is a nominated and independent group of international experts who assists the governance bodies of FAIRsFAIR (General Assembly, Executive Committee and Project Coordination Office), by delivering strategic advice on FAIRsFAIR development, namely on strategic political issues in the sphere of research data and how the project should proceed.

Each member of the HLAC have a proven track record from a research, industrial, funding, standardisation and/or publishing point of view and join not only major conferences and workshops, but also calls organised by FAIRsFAIR. The HLAC has the important role to ensure that FAIRsFAIR has a relevant role in FAIR data landscape.

The HLAC already entered into force and will be providing strategic support overall the entire duration of the FAIRsFAIR initiative, until February 2022.

Who are the HLAC members?