• FAIRsFAIR Newsletter N°4: The year in review and what’s next - 19.12.2019
    • in this edition: The FAIRsFAIR year in review!; FAIRsFAIR Support to Data Repositories: Meet the Selected Applicants; FAIRsFAIR First Deliverables on Landscape Analysis, FAIR Requirements & Competence Centre; FAIRsFAIR Workshop at IDCC2020; Other FAIR Stories

  • FAIRsFAIR Newsletter N.12: The FAIRsFAIR Repository Support Series Webinars! - 20.04.2021
    • in this edition: The FAIRsFAIR Repository Support Series aims to help repository managers become familiar with FAIR-enabling practices. Each webinar will provide an overview of a specific FAIR-enabling activity, share information on recent developments within FAIRsFAIR and other initiatives as well as offering examples of good practice, practical tips and recommendations.

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