The European Group of FAIR Champions (EGFC) is composed by scientific experts and “doers” in the field of FAIR data, carefully selected based on their individual merits and knowledge. The group works as an ambassador of FAIR by sharing FAIR implementation stories, enhancing synergies, contributing to training activities and webinars, and doing an effective cross fertilization with other communities, towards a broader engagement on FAIR.

Each EGFC member represents FAIRsFAIR stakeholders and provides advice on operational challenges, as well as promotes new policies to improve the adoption of policies for FAIR data which supports the EOSC and the FAIR data policy and practice. Their inputs will be included into the FAIR Landscape Analysis and white papers authored by FAIRsFAIR.

Who are the FAIRsFAIR Champions?


Alastair Dunning

Alastair Dunning is the Head of 4TU.ResearchData (, a data repository for all researchers in science, engineering and design). He is also Head of Research Data Services at Delft University of Technology). At TU Delft, he initiated the groundbreaking Data Stewardship project, to embed research data experts in each faculty of the TU Delft Campus university.

Susanna-Assunta Sansone

Since 2001, Susanna operates in the area of data interoperability and reproducibility, research integrity and the evolution of scholarly publishing, working with and for researchers, service providers, journal publishers, library science experts, funders and learned societies in the academic as well as in the commercial and governmental setting.

Tobias Weigel

Dr. Tobias Weigel has a background in geoinformatics and computer science and is working at the German Climate Computing Center (DKRZ) in the area of e-infrastructures at European and international level. Tobias advocates and implements the use of persistent identifiers, machine-interpretable metadata and reusable software components for data management, aiming to improve efficiency and effectiveness of data management and processing for benefit of both researchers and data infrastructure providers, and contributing to better traceability and interoperability of research data and services that work with them.