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 FAIRsFAIR Data Object Assessment Metrics


An online tool which helps researchers and data managers assess how much they know about the requirements for making datasets findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR) before uploading them into a data repository. Developed by the FAIRsFAIR work team, the metrics are based on indicators proposed by the RDA FAIR Data Maturity Model Working Group. 

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Based on 16 out of 17 core FAIR object assessment metrics developed within FAIRsFAIR, the source code of F-UJi tool is now available with a free license through Github. Read here how to send any feedback on improving the tool.




Repository Discovery in DataCite Commons

CoreTrustSeal+FAIRenabling Capability Maturity Model

ACME-FAIR is a 7-part guide for Research Performing Organisations (RPO) to help those managing and delivering relevant professional services to self-assess how they are enabling researchers and their colleagues to do just that

FAIRsFAIR further advanced  the repository discovery and linking by integrating repositories into DataCite Commons to support researchers in finding a suitable repository and enhance the discoverability of FAIR-enabling repositories. Reshaped and merged into DataCite Commons, repository metadata from re3data is embedded in the PID-graph to allow for machine-readable context information on research data. The CoreTrustSeal+FAIRenabling Capability Maturity Model aligns the CoreTrustSeal Requirements with the FAIR Data Principles and provides guidance on the levels of capability-maturity on achieving them. 


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