Lund University

Maria Johnsson is a Librarian at University Library,  Lund University, Sweden, specializing in services for research data management (RDM). Maria has also a part-time assignment for the European research infrastructure ICOS Carbon Portal. She has been working with research data management since 2014, in different projects and studies focusing on how research libraries can establish services for RDM. Maria has 20 years of experience as librarian/information specialist working with support to researchers in academic institutions as well as researchers in industry.

Lund University is intensively building up an infrastructure and services for research data management (RDM), and Maria is highly involved in this work, developing an in-house support function for RDM at the university. Through the assignment of ICOS Carbon Portal Maria has been involved in the European project “ENVRI Plus”, in which she contributed to themes of data citation and persistent identifiers. Since 2019, Maria is now engaged, on behalf of ICOS, in the European project “ENVRI FAIR”, focusing on training in FAIR and RDM.

Maria is a member of RDA (Research Data Alliance) in which she is involved in working groups on training, PIDs and engineering data. She has completed the “GO FAIR Data Stewardship Course”, and is closely monitoring the evolvements of the implementation of the FAIR Principles.


  • Advice and consultation on publishing and sharing of research data
  • Advice and consultation on training in research data management and FAIR Principles
  • Advice and consultation on the implementation of the FAIR Principles
  • Data citation and Persistent Identifiers – trends and development



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