WDS Data Stewardship Award 2019: Submit your application for the Call for Nominations

20 May 2019

The Call for Nominations for the 2019 WDS Data Stewardship Award is now open until 29 July 2019.

Workshop to build terminology framework for FAIR data competency

20 May 2019 to 21 May 2019

The “Workshop to build terminology framework for FAIR data competency” is held at the CODATA Headquarters in Paris, France from May 20-21. This event will be done in conjunction with the EOSCPilot FAIR4S service.

Why reinvent the wheel for FAIR?

14 May 2019

A blog-post from Barbara Sierman, chair of the Open Preservation FoundationOPF Board

FAIRsFAIR: THE FAIR data hub addressing the data culture change in Europe

15 April 2019

Press Communication - April 2019
14th March saw the launch of the FAIRsFAIR initiative which aims to  contribute towards the culture change needed to increase the production and use of data that are findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR) in the European Open Science Cloud

A series of 3 Workshops in Europe - Services to support FAIR data

12 April 2019

During the EOSC-hub Week it will take place the first one of a series of workshops focused on exploring practical approaches to developing services that support FAIR Data

FAIR policies in environmental research

11 April 2019

The integration of FAIR principles in research communities worldwide is a common ground for international and regional projects working on the activities in the upcoming EOSC. 

FAIRsFAIR presented at the ETHRD and CODATA/RDA joint meeting, RDA 13th Plenary meeting

03 April 2019

FAIRsFAIR will be presented during the joint meeting organized by the CODATA/RDA Research Data Science Schools for Low and Middle Income Countries and the Education and Training on Handling of Research Data Interest Group, April 3, starting at 12.00

RDA's 13th Plenary Meeting

02 April 2019 to 04 April 2019

Double report from EU Commission about cost-benefit of FAIR data

16 January 2019

EU could save €10.2 billion per year by using FAIR data!