Two more #terms4FAIRskills hackathons to start the new year!

The Terms4FAIRskills project continued its engagement with the wider community with two more hack sessions on the 27th and 29th January 2021.  Building on the work of the the last two hack sessions in December 2020, the project core team...


Enabling Open Reproducible Science at CSIC: Interview with Isabel Bernal, FAIRsFAIR Champion 

We interviewed FAIRsFAIR Champion Isabel Bernal to understand how CSIC is enabling open, reproducible science across multidisciplinary repositories.


FAIR Data Terms Refined in Terms4FAIRskills Hackathon

Participants in the first in a series of hackathons helped refine the terms in the current version of the Terms4FAIRskill terminology by using them to annotate real world training materials.


FAIR Assessement and Certification in the EOSC region

On Thursday 26th of November the InfraEOSC-5 FAIR data and infrastructure Task Force, set-up by the projects in the INFRAEOSC-05-2018-2019 call: EOSC-synergy, EOSC-Pillar, EOSC-Nordic, NI4OS-Europe, ExPaNDS, FAIRsFAIR, and, organised a special edition of its usual monthly meeting to present to the European Commission the key work being carried out on the topic of FAIR data assessment and certification by the InfraEOSC-5 call funded initiatives. The outcomes of the session are presented in this report


Data Stewardship Training - Manchester

In November 2020 a Data Stewardship training event was held at The University of Manchester. This was part of the first stage of the University’s new Research Data Management Strategy.


Decoding the FAIR principles: Are they relevant to software?

Do we need FAIR software? Inria's Morane Gruenpeter, co-author of the just published  FAIRsFAIR Assessment report on 'FAIRness of software' considers the options.


FAIRsFAIR at FAIR for Facilities Workshop from ExPaNDS - A blogpost by Elizabeth Newbold

At the beginning of October, FAIRsFAIR participated in the workshop FAIR for Facilities organised the ExPaNDS project. FAIR for Facilities concentrated on what FAIR means for those working in the photon and neutron community.


The Journey to FAIR: Advice from the FAIRsFAIR Experts

Formally appointed on 3 June 2019, the experts meet periodically to provide guidance on FAIRsFAIR activities implementation. The last meeting was organised on 23 September where the HLAC provided target recommendations on FAIRsFAIR lines of action and reviewed FAIRsFAIR recent reports.  


Emerging skillsets and incentive structure for FAIR research. Blog post by Josefine Nordling and Marjan Grootveld

The EOSC Symposium week (19-22 October) included lots of interesting presentations on various EOSC related activities and I’m fairly sure there was something in it for all of us. As a member of two EOSC projects on FAIR, FAIRsFAIR and EOSC-Nordic, I attended the sessions that were of particular interest to those.


The role of Publishers in implementing FAIR policies and practice in RDM: Interview with Joris van Rossum and Eefke Smit, STM Association

Highlights from a podcast interview with Joris van Rossum, Director for Research Data, International STM Association, and Eefke Smit, Director of Standards and Technology, International STM Association, and FAIRsFAIR Champion.