06 October 2020 to 07 October 2020

Originally planned as a physical event, the 2nd workshop on connecting the ESFRI Research Infrastructures (RIs) to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), will now take place virtually. This is due to  restrictions on the number of participants at conferences in the host country, and the travel restrictions associated with Covid-19 outbreak. The date is unchanged, 6 & 7 October 2020.

Workshop Objectives

The main objective of the workshop is to bring ESFRI, ESFRI RIs, and EOSC stakeholders together to establish better comprehension of the EOSC concept and potential benefits to users, and ensure the optimal federation of ESFRI clusters/ RIs with EOSC. As such, participants will learn about the the next phase of EOSC governance and the latest technical developments to the platform. This will prepare them to contribute actively to the ongoing dialogue, provide feedback, and make informed decisions.

The workshop is organised by the ESFRI Task Force on EOSC, the EOSC Cluster projects, the EOSC Secretariat and the StR-ESFRI2 Project, in close cooperation with ESFRI and the EC.


The event will be recorded and will include breakout sessions for feedback from the community. To accommodate wide participation, the plenary sessions will be open. However, to acilitate discussion and effective feedback in the breakout sessions, attendance will be limited to one person per National Delegation/ Project/ Landmark/ Organisation. 

Registration is mandatory, and should be completed by 25 September


Please note that registration is also required for pre-registered participants, as it facilitates the break out session selection step.

Information on the outcomes of the 1st ESFRI RIs-EOSC Workshop (London, 30.1.2019), is available here.

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