07 October 2021

The EOSC-Nordic WP4 invites and encourages repositories to sign-up for this FAIRification STEP 4 webinar. The focus of the meeting will be to address domain-specific metadata. This webinar is hosted on Thursday 7th October from 10:00-12:00 CEST.

In our previous webinar (STEP3) the discussions turned out to engage many of the participants and it became evident that many of the repositories, which are indeed domain specific, are curious to learn more from other providers experience in implementing FAIR in domain specific repositories. We have therefore adopted this as our next topic.
The aim of this webinar is to provide reflections and discussion within the subject of domain specific metadata and repositories.


The EOSC-Nordic project is an INFRAEOSC-5b funded project running over 3 years (2019-2022). As part of the FAIR uptake analysis WP4 has made FAIR assessments of 98 repositories. Out of these, 24 could not be evaluated at all due to lack of a global unique identifier (GUID). The first event and FAIRification step was therefore directed towards this topic; Dataset identifiers and PIDs. You can read about the event and see the recorded sessions here:
In our second webinar we directed the focus on FAIR principle F3, the separation and identification of data and metadata:
In our third webinar we looked at domain agnostic metadata standards:
We now invite you to participate in STEP4 where we will dive into the topic of domain specific metadata.
The event is open to all, but we ask you to please register using the following link:
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