06 February 2020
Dresden, Germany

What is ENVRI community meeting

The environmental research infrastructure landscape is evolving constantly. Moreover, not all the Environmental Research Infrastructures are directly participating in the ENVRI-FAIR project. The Open ENVRI community meeting aims at enabling dialogue and better facilitation of the project results beyond the project consortium and the participating research infrastructures. It aims at informing the community as well as new projects and initiatives emerging in the environmental landscape about the latest developments, highlighting how they can benefit from them. Last but not least, the meetings connects the community with other relevant initiatives and projects. The open ENVRI community meeting is organized within the ENVRI week (Dresden, Feb 3-9, 2020). More information about the ENVRI week is available here.

Angus Whyte (Digital Curation Centre), Project Partner of FAIRsFAIR, will do a 15-min presentation about " FAIRsFAIR in the EOSC ecosystem", focused on how FAIRsFAIR is contributing to the EOSC implementation.


Moderator: Magdalena Brus

SESSION I – What ENVRI community and ENVRI-FAIR do, what do they offer to you and how you can get involved

Discussion moderator: Sanna Sorvari Sundet

Focus on the environmental research infrastructures not directly participating in ENVRI-FAIR, as well as new Integrated Activities, RI projects and networks

Goal – Inform them about the mission and expected outcomes of the ENVRI-FAIR project and ENVRI community collaboration, highlighting how they can benefit from the solutions and results that are being developed in the project and ENVRI community

  1. Welcome and general introduction of the project by Andreas Petzold
  2. ENVRI community strategy by Sanna Sorvari Sundet
  3. ENVRI community building and communications by Magdalena Brus
  4. Common FAIR policies by Helen Glaves
  5. Standards Service Catalogue by Alex Vermeulen
  6. FAIR Training by Maggie Hellström
  7. Common Implementation and support by Zhiming Zhao
  8. Introductions of the new environmental projects, initiatives or networks (by the attendees)
  9. Open discussion

SESSION II – What is the role of ENVRI community in the development of EOSC and how we can collaborate with the EOSC development groups and projects

Discussion moderator: Ari Asmi

Focus on the other projects working towards the development of EOSC

Goal – Discuss the synergies, potential collaboration, or (in case of other cluster projects), development of joint demonstrators. Clarifying the position of ENVRI RIs in the environments of EOSC development projects

  1. EOSC life (TBC – 15 min)
  2. FAIRsFAIR | " FAIRsFAIR in the EOSC ecosystem"  - Angus Whyte, Digital Curation Centre (15 min)
  3. EOSC hub (TBC 15 min)
  4. Open discussion (45min)

Interested? Register as soon as possible, latest by January 19th and do not forget to tick you will participate in the Open ENVRI community meeting.

For more information about the overall ENVRI week, visit

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