07 November 2019
Graz, Vienna

Approaching the first anniversary of the signing of the declaration and launch of EOSC in Vienna, Graz University of Technology is hosting the second-to-last workshop in the 2019 series launched by the Focus on Open Science, on Thursday, November 7.

The workshop is titled Focus on FAIR - FAIR Data and the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), and it is another relevant step in the creation of a common background for researchers and experts across the continent. FAIR data and EOSC are both fundamental building blocks for the future of collaborative, data-driven research. An expanding network of actors is consistently working to turn these high-level principles and concepts into a widespread reality of concrete infrastructure, standards and practices, and the Focus on Open Science is a perfect example of this coordinated effort.

The event is also a great opportunity for the FAIRsFAIR community, as it provides a good chance for researchers and research support staff to meet in person and discuss future priorities for EOSC and FAIR data at the international, national and regional levels. A panel of experts from different EU member states will deliver presentations and entertain Q&A sessions, advancing discussion on these topics, while also serving as an accessible introduction to the field for newcomers.

Aside from dealing with all the aspects related to the creation and use of FAIR data in academia and research, focusing on the role of libraries in supporting and disseminating the concept, the workshop will also touch upon the crucial subject of the potential links between FAIR data and industry.

The panel will feature Dr. Ignasi Labastida i Juan (Universitat de Barcelona), Dr. Marta Teperek (TU Delft), Paolo Budroni (University Library of the Technical University of Vienna), Dr. Stefanie Lindstaedt (TU Graz), Dr. Tiziana Ferrari (EGI Foundation). This Focus on Open Science event is organized by the Graz University of Technology in collaboration with Scientific Knowledge Services, UCL Press, and LIBER (The European Association of Research Libraries).

More information about the event, registration and agenda are available here.


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