13 August 2020 to 27 August 2020

Preserving and promoting access to data from biomedical research accelerates scientific discovery and improves health outcomes. In order to plan for the disposition of these increasingly complex data sets, researchers and data archivists need to be able to accurately budget for the costs associated with long-term data curation.

Our recent report, Life Cycle Decisions for Biomedical Data: The Challenge of Forecasting Costs, examines approaches for forecasting costs for preserving, archiving, and promoting access to biomedical research data. This report provides a comprehensive conceptual framework for cost-effective decision making that encourages data accessibility and reuse for researchers, data managers, data scientists, and institutions that support platforms that enable biomedical research data preservation, discoverability, and use.

This webinar series will focus on approaches for research communities, funding organizations, and data storage providers. Discussions will focus on biomedical research but will be applicable to the broader scientific enterprise.

Join the National Academies for a webinar series on how to plan for life cycle data costs for researchers, funders, and storage providers.

Webinar Dates, Times, and Topics

Thursday, Aug 13, 12-1pm EDT: Data Costs for Researchers

Speakers will discuss how researchers can plan for the life cycle of their data and how to create an environment conducive to cost forecasting of sustainable data management.

  • Moderator: Lars Vilhuber (Cornell)
  • Speaker 1: Maryann Martone (UCSD)
  • Speaker 2: Lance Waller (Emory University)
  • Speaker 3: Robert Williams (University of Tennessee)

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Thursday, Aug 20, 12-1pm EDT: Data Costs for Funding Organizations

Speakers will address how research funders can encourage and foster sustainable data management practices.

  • Moderator: Margaret Levenstein (University of Michigan)
  • Speaker 1: Alexa McCray (Harvard Medical School)
  • Speaker 2: Amy Friedlander (NSF)
  • Speaker 3: Mike Lauer (NIH)

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Thursday, Aug 27, 12-1pm EDT: Data Costs for Storage Providers

Speakers will discuss how scientific data repositories and program managers can help make data more discoverable, aid in the development and adoption of data and metadata standardization and best practices, and help users better understand their storage options.

  • Moderator: Ilkay Altintas (UCSD)
  • Speaker 1: Clifford Lynch (Calition for Networked Information)
  • Speaker 2: Brian Nosek (Center for Open Science)

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