Make your repository FAIR enabling: FAIRsFAIR Hackathon
13 October 2021 to 14 October 2021
SURF office, Utrecht, the Netherlands - We will offer hybrid remote access for registered participants, in case you can not travel


Goal is to get the latest FAIR Data Point protocol supported by 1 or 2 of the working repositories selected by FAIRsFAIR in the beginning of the project, showing and proving interoperability between different implementations and automatic integration of catalogue information from different implementations. We would like to have technical people from the repositories on board, so that the implementation that will be worked on could be a branch of the official code, being close to an actual implementation by the running deployment of the repositories later.  Note that what we are striving for is adding an FDP API, not replacing any existing repository functionality but adding an additional way that makes repositories more semantically interoperable and machine actionable.



Free (FAIRsFAIR can partly cover the travel costs of the participants). We will get in touch with you once you registered.


Developers from the selected developer repositories (if places are free, also from the tester repositories).

Please note, that you need to have the following technical skill to be able to follow the hands-on

  • If implementing in the repository software, a sandbox/dev environment of the repository software you are right now using
  • They need commit rights to your codebase or at the very least access to the source, to be able to fork or branch
  • Experience with:
  • when extending your own repository with FDP functionality:
  • the repository software codebase, specifically adding new API endpoints
  • RDF (if not with turtle/n3/rdfxml, then JSON-LD, or at the very least familiarity with JSON)
  • if looking at the reference implementation for inspiration, then java and spring-boot
  • when deploying the reference implementation:
  • basic sysadmin knowledge (example docs are based on linux)
  • docker / docker-compose

If you do no fulfil the prerequisites you can not attend the workshop.




Preliminary Agenda


Day 1 -  13/10/2021

Welcome & introduction
The FAIR Data Point
F-UJI overview
Hands-on session
Lunch break
Hands-on session / part 2
Summary and conclusions



Day 2 -  14/10/2021

Welcome & where we are
Hands-on session
The minimum metadata schema
VODAN use case
Summary and conclusions





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