National Roadshow in Lithuania
10 November 2021

The FAIRsFAIR Roadshow will virtually visit Lithuania on the 10th of November to offer a FAIR programme, ranging from practical tools to FAIR-supporting projects. The event is open to researchers, data support staff, data stewards, and data policy makers and it is organised in collaboration with Kaunas University of TechnologyOpenAIRE National Open Access Desk (NOAD) and the Open Science Communities. The event will be in English.



10:00-12:00 EET (9:00 -11:00 CET)

10:00 - 10.20

Welcome from Kaunas University of Technology

Gintarė Tautkevičienė and Ieva Cesevičiūtė  (KTU, OpenAIRE NOAD)

10:20 - 10:30

Welcome from the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport

Ms. Aušra Gribauskienė

10:30 - 10:40

Welcome from the chair of the Commission of Research Infrastructures at the Research Council of Lithuania

Rūta Petrauskaitė (FAIRsFAIR High-Level Advisory Committee)

10:40 - 10:50

FAIRsFAIR in a Nutshell - slides

Marjan Grootveld (DANS, FAIRsFAIR)

10:50 - 11:05

How to improve the FAIRness of your data: hands-on exercise - slides

Maaike Verburg and Marjan Grootveld (DANS, FAIRsFAIR)

11:05 - 11:15


11:15 - 12.00

Start your own Open Science Community: interactive session

Loek Brinkman (OSC Utrecht), Anita Eerland (OSC Nijmegen), Markus Konkol (OSC Twente)


Recording of the event


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