24 September 2020

September 24th, DANS organizes an Open day on Open Science together with Promovendi Netwerk Nederland, Horizon2020 project OpenAIRE and Open Science Communities the Netherlands. An online afternoon about research data management, data archiving and data re-use, especially organized for (young) scientists and data librarians.


  • Online registration is mandatory. The data is only used for communication regarding this event.
  • Help us to spread the word via twitter, using #opendayonopenscience.
  • The language used during the event is English.

Programme online event

  • 13:00: Welcome by Ricarda Braukmann, host 
  • 13:10: Key notes:  
  • 14:00: Break
  • 14:05: Key notes: 
    • Drs. Ellen Leenarts (DANS) on behalf of OpenAIRE: "OpenAIRE: a support to drop your data FAIR"
    • Maria Cruz, PhD (NWO): "The NWO perspective, incentivizing responsible data management and Open/ FAIR data"
  • 14:45: Break
  • 15:00: Fellow researchers explain the usefulness and necessity of depositing and sharing data in a pitch of a few minutes. After each pitch it is possible to ask questions.
  • 15:45: Break
  • 16:00: Fellow researchers explain the usefulness and necessity of depositing and sharing data in a pitch of a few minutes. After each pitch it is possible to ask questions.
  • 16:40: Break 
  • 16:45: Speed date with: 
    • Laura Huis in 't Veld, functional manager, about DataverseNL. If you want to store, share and publish data during and after research, you can use DataverseNL, a shared service provided by participating institutions and DANS.
    • Data managers Valentijn Gilissen and Widia Mahabier about EASY. After completing your research, you can permanently store and share your research data through the online archiving system EASY. Do you need to deposit a huge amount of data at once? Do you want to know how it takes just 7 steps to permanently publish and archive your data? Join this session!
    • Cees Hof (Project acquisition / Policy Officer) and Linas Čepinskas, policy advisor, can tell you more about what to expect from national and international projects. What are they going to deliver and what’s in it for you as a researcher or open science supporter? Learn more about projects and programs like The Dutch National Research Agenda, DANS as a Technology Hotel for the Life Sciences, FAIRsFAIRFREYAOpenAIRECESSDASSHOCEOSCRDA and the collaboration between DANS and NLeSC around Software Sustainability. 
    • Andrea Scharnhorst (coordinator) and Gerard Coen (project leader) will be more than happy to tell all about the Research & Innovation group of DANS, and how this may benefit you and what you can do to participate. The Research & Innovation group runs projects such as Digging into the Knowledge GraphReSearchCLARIAH and DARIAH. We also offer internship places for students to work on issues of research and innovating digital archives. 
    • Marjan Grootveld (coordinator Projects and Policy) and Ellen Leenarts (Project Leader) can tell what you need to know about Open and FAIR data management? What are the requirements for data management plans? And how can you train yourself or better support others? Marjan and Ellen will be able to answer all your tricky questions. You can also ask them about the training programs offered by DANS and its partners, such as RDNL’s Essentials for Data Support and CESSDA’s RDM training module.
    • Marion Wittenberg (servicemanager DataverseNL, accountmanager EASY) will tell you more about the fact that universities and research institutes have their own support desk for Research Data Management. DANS cooperates with these support offices in a so called frontoffice-backoffice model. Would you like to know the RDM contact person of your organisation and what they can offer you? Please join Marion. 
  • 17:15: Open Science Quiz and end of programme

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