RDA4EOSC Webinar - 7th May, 13:00 CET / 11:00 UTC   Supporting the alignment of organisational research data management policies
07 May 2021

We welcome you to this webinar organised as part of the RDA4EOSC activities aimed at supporting organisational engagement with EOSC and similar initiatives. 

This webinar will focus on discussing issues related to the alignment of organisational research data management policies both internally and externally. 

Researchers, data stewards, research support staff, managers, IT departments, policy makers and funders might all have different expectations and requirements and the data policies needs to provide a guiding framework that is aligned with all of the various levels in a way that enables collaboration and communication and becomes a tool of efficiency.  External policy alignment is often seen as more challenging as organisations are required to achieve a range of agreements, alignments, or harmonisations at once. Internal policies must align with national ones, legislation must be complied with, requirements from funders must be met, partnership agreements with other organisations must be upheld, all while closely considering disciplinary specifications. 

Fitting all the pieces together is challenging, but addressing issues of fragmentation has become a priority and many organisations are looking at developing RDM policies in a more harmonised way that would allow them to align internal processes and practices with other organisations and initiatives such as the EOSC and other research commons. 

To support organisations in doing that, this RDA4EOSC webinar will discuss various approaches that can be adopted, provide a set of recommendations based on the FAIRsFAIR project work on policy enhancements as well as reflect on the practical case of the Health Research Board in Ireland for lessons learned and food for thought. 




Patricia Clarke is the Programme Manager for Policy and for EU Funding at the Health Research Board and also National Delegate for EU Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing. Patricia is responsible for HRB Open Research and is also the Co-Chair of the National Open Research Forum in Ireland. 


Joy Davidson is Coordinator for the UK's Digital Curation Centre (DCC) - a research infrastructure that specialises in data management planning, curation and Open Science. Joy currently leads work on policies and practices (WP3) for the EC funded FAIRsFAIR project which aims to increase the production and use of FAIR data. She has been involved in reviews for ESFRI roadmap updates and H2020 research infrastructure funding programmes.


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