10 January 2022

FAIRsFAIR together with EOSC Synergy have launched an online Data Steward Training course developed using the materials from the Data Steward Instructor Training Workshops run throughout 2020 and 2021. 

This is an introductory level course aimed at anyone looking to start a career in Data Stewardship or provide support research staff with RDM activities. Through a combination of recorded presentations, assignments and quizzes, participants will gain the skills and knowledge required to be successful data steward.

The course is broken down into five self-paced modules each taking on average one hour to complete:

  1. FAIR, research data Management and open science
    1.1 The role of data stewards
    1.2 How FAIR aware are you?
  2. Responsible and open research
  3. Design training in easy steps 
  4. Data management plans
  5. RDM service delivery

By the end of this course learners will:

  • Be able to explain the difference between FAIR and Open Data to researchers.
  • Be able to develop training courses using open learning resources.
  • Understand the range of skills and knowledge associated with data stewardship.
  • Be able to identify areas where collaboration on service provision is most beneficial.

All five modules are introductory, allowing learners to complete them all or pick the ones that are most relevant to them.

Users are advised to enroll in order to make best use of the course and have full access to the learning materials.


Go to the Data Steward Training Course 


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