17 February 2021

In the webinar "ESCAPE OSSR Enhancing science through sharing software - benefits & use cases" ESCAPE will show the ESCAPE OSSR  (Open-source Scientific Software and Service Repository) developments and achievements towards a FAIR multi-messenger data-driven cooperative approach. Exemplary benefits of OSSR integration in astro-particle-physics  and adjacent scientific fields field will be presented by ESFRI experts focusing on cross-community software developments, workflows for scientific re-use of data challenges, and the exploration of scientific data with innovative techniques.

The main benefit of ESCAPE OSSR is a sustainable open-access repository to collect and share scientific software, digital libraries for data analysis, data-sets and, in general, open science products with the scientific community. The repository itself will be enriched with user-support documentation and tutorials, which will be dynamically enhanced by ESCAPE ESFRI projects and accompanied by training activities.  

The ESCAPE OSSR is a service from ESCAPE EOSC (European Open Science Cloud) thematic cell, a cross-border and multidisciplinary virtual research environment of ESFRI (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures) projects in the astro- and  particle physics domain.

ESCAPE OSSR collects software and related services for open science data-analysis of the ESFRI facilities. The co-development of guidelines and best practices in the full software lifecycle within the regime of multi-messenger data analysis promotes activities for innovative methods, aims to maximise software re-use and co-development in order to facilitate e.g. the development of data mining tools and new analysis techniques. It supports an open environment to guarantee cross-fertilisation and to develop community-specific software services that will be exposed under the EOSC catalogue of services under the FAIR principles. 


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