To better connect with national initiatives, a series of events part of “FAIR National Roadshows” will be organised in 2021-2022, with the aim of speeding up FAIR adoption by different European countries. The roadshows would extend our current network beyond the projects and initiatives that we already collaborate with, introducing another platform to promote FAIRsFAIR recommendations, good practices, and assessment tools.


FAIRsFAIR warmly invites the RDM community in the various countries, data support staff, researchers and data policy makers in Universities, to join the event



2 March 2021
FAIR Awarness and FAIR Assessment Tool
The Netherlands
in collaboration with LCRDM and FAIRsFAIR Coordinator DANS

►Video and Presentation available








16 March 2021
National Open Research Landscape Report
in collaboration with the NORF Working Group on FAIR data








FAIR in practice: examples of FAIR DMPs for large infrastructures  - Romania 

Green Data Market for Research & the Role of Repositories - Spain


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