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Did you always want your repository to be more compatible with other repositories?

Do you find user-friendliness important and is your repository ready to move to the next level?

Then this support initiative of this open call might be something for you.


The repository landscape has become a fast moving environment. FAIR seems to be everywhere, and the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is on its way. Consolidating outputs from the Research Data Alliance and the work of previous H2020 projects, FAIRsFAIR is aiming to provide practical solutions to boost the impact of repositories and make them enable FAIR data. This second support initiative aims to improve the “FAIRness” of repositories, particularly with respect to the findability of both repositories and their data, while also increasing repository interoperability. Better repository interoperability means better discovery of content, and that means better science for everybody.

With the help of the participating data repositories we aim to design and build an interoperability layer between repositories to improve the researchers’ experience of finding and combining data from multiple data repositories and finally facilitate easy data integration.

We will kick off this journey with an RDA co-located workshop in October 2019. The first phase will involve bringing together participating repositories in order to discuss the challenge of FAIR and the features that repositories that enable FAIR data should have. The following phase will involve building and testing a series of state-of-the-art prototypes for an interoperability layer between multiple repositories, and for performing easy and parallel searches across repositories. We also aim to create a common harmonised way to represent the results of such searches. The whole initiative will take until the end of the FAIRsFAIR project in 2021.

We want to engage with developers, builders, maintainers and experts from all kinds of repositories. The key criteria to participate is the willingness to collaborate and test solutions. It will also require a bit of your time, your brainpower and some of your developer magic. We are looking for diversity, and repositories will be able to choose to participate in technology testing, technical development or (ideally) both.

‘FAIR-aligned Repositories’ is a “lean” endeavour since we cannot provide funding to support participation. However we can provide:

  • Access to highly innovative solutions for interoperability;
  • Expertise on FAIR principles, processes and technology/implementation;
  • Actionable ideas to improve your current practices and portfolio of services;
  • The opportunity to become a widely publicised H2020 best practice use-case;
  • A multidisciplinary expert team dedicated to finding the ideal solution to improve your repository;
  • During collaboration sessions we can also provide coffee, biscuits, a cozy room, and a generally nice, creative, and chatty, bunch of experts.

Note: We invite certified data repositories to apply. However, it is not necessary to be certified by CoreTrustSeal to participate in this support initiative. Data repository certification is not part of this support initiative.


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