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The third FAIRsFAIR Synchronisation Force Workshop will be held as a series of online sessions: a plenary kick-off and orientation session, working sessions constructed around the Turning FAIR into Reality recommendations and a concluding plenary discussion session.

Working sessions constructed around each of the six “Turning FAIR into Reality Report pillars”

  • Pillar n 1: Core Concepts:​ FAIR Digital Objects and technical components of the FAIR ecosystem
  • Pillar n 2: FAIR Culture​: agreements on data availability and description, data management plans, recognition and reward, policies
  • Pillar n 3: FAIR Ecosystem: key services, semantic technologies, trust and certification of services
  • Pillar n 4: Skills for FAIR:​ data science and data stewardship, curriculum frameworks
  • Pillar n 5: Incentives and Metrics
  • Pillar n 6: Investment, Sustainability and Governance


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