EOSC-NORDIC FAIRification study testing F-UJI
20 August 2021


The EOSC-Nordic FAIRification initiative team (http://eosc-nordic.eu) defined a sample size of about 100 data repositories, for which they evaluated the FAIRness of their (meta)data, with the aim to guide and coach the repositories, over time, to a higher level of FAIRness. The guiding and coaching were done via a number of webinars, whereby they selected specific topics that contributed to a lower FAIRness score for a substantial part of the sample and where they felt improvements could be achieved. Soſtware to perform automated evaluations proved to be a good tool to evaluate the FAIRness of the findable metadata and data of repositories. For this purpose the team decided to embrace the F-UJI evaluator designed by the University of Bremen and Pangaea as part of one of the work-packages of FAIRsFAIR as the standard assessment tool for the EOSC-Nordic FAIRification initiative.

They've told their experience in an Adoption story, part of a series that we are bringing to you here


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