29 July 2019

Over the last decade making data available for broader re-use by other researchers and disciplines is becoming the norm. Researchers around the globe are confronted with growing research data management requirements imposed by funders and publishers. The majority of these researchers recognize the benefits of good research data management. But there are still issues to be tackled. The sharing and re-use of data, information and knowledge around the globe poses many challenges. According to the European Commissioner Moedas data sharing “…requires a common language as vehicle and carrier, and the “language” is named FAIR.”


In this presentation Ingrid Dillo, DANS and coordinator of FAIRsFAIR will talk about research data management and the concepts of FAIR and TRUST in the context of the social sciences and humanities.


The lecture is open to all and particularly to humanities and social science researchers, data practitioners and information professionals but in general to anyone interested in the FAIR principles and ways of implementing this in the daily research routines. Registration is open here https://rd-alliance.org/registration-rda-ireland-meet-expert-dr-ingrid-dillo-31-july-2019


The talk is part of the Meet the Experts series at the National Library of Ireland inviting national and international speakers to present topics of relevance and interest to different stakeholders and audiences. 


Dr Ingrid Dillo is Deputy Director at DANS (Data Archiving and Networked Services) in the Netherlands. She holds a PhD in history and has worked in the field of policy development for the last 30 years, including as senior policy advisor at the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the National Library of the Netherlands (KB). Among her areas of expertise are research data management and the certification of digital repositories. Ingrid is Co Chair of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) Council. She is also Treasurer of the Board of CoreTrustSeal (CTS) and Vice Chair of the Scientific Committee of the ISC/World Data System (WDS). Ingrid is project coordinator of the European H2020 project FAIRsFAIR.



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