18 September 2019 to 23 September 2019

The first two-day workshop for projects which contribute to building the EOSC through H2020 took place in Brussels on 9 and 10 September 2019. About thirty projects were represented at the meeting. The goal of the workshop was to create awareness between projects and foster collaboration and exchange on important topics. The workshop also provided an excellent opportunity to get to know each other and set up initial contacts and plans on shared actions such as landscaping activities, work on FAIR and building of training capacities to name but a few.

FAIRsFAIR was represented by Ingrid Dillo, project coordinator, and Eliane Fankhauser, project manager. The workshop consisted of four breakout sessions each of which covered an EOSC-related topic. After brief introductions, participants gathered in small groups to discuss challenges, opportunities, risks and possible collaborations. From the perspective of FAIRsFAIR, the breakout session on the five main topics of the EOSC which correspond with the five EOSC Working Groups, was most interesting. As FAIR is an essential part of building the EOSC and therefore part of the work of all projects, it is vital to know how FAIR is addressed in these projects and how collaboration can be handled effectively. 

The breaks between the sessions were equally important. FAIRsFAIR made full use of the opportunity to talk to members of other, related projects such as the EOSC Secretariat and the 5b projects in person. It made the initial planning of activities in the upcoming months easier. These  activities will enable successful collaboration between the projects in the near future.  

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