18 June 2020


FAIRsFAIR has launched FAIR-Aware, an online tool which helps researchers and data managers assess their level of awareness of the requirements for making datasets findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR) before uploading them into a data repository.

The assessment consists of 19 questions and examples and requires approximately 30 minutes to complete. Each question is generously supplied with info tips and links to further readings. This means that via the assessment process, practitioners also develop a deeper understanding of the FAIR Principles and how making data FAIR can increase the potential value and impact of data.

While the process is not aimed at providing a score for the FAIRness of a specific dataset, practitioners should have a target dataset in mind to be able to answer the questions and complete the assessment.

FAIR-Aware has been developed by FAIRsFAIR partners DANS, DCC, UniHB and every attempt has been made to render the tool as simple and time-efficient as possible. The question bank includes some directed at users and designed to further improve the tool itself.  All feedback received will be taken on board and incorporated into a final version.

A report will be published in September detailing the findings from this initiative, the lessons learned, and recommendations regarding further development.

Click here to access FAIR-Aware. After completing the self-assessment in the online tool, we kindly ask you to share your feedback both on content and usability of the tool directly in this Google Doc no later than 15 July 2020. As this is a shared and publicly accessible document, you will be able to view existing comments from other participants.


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