16 February 2021


FAIRsFAIR has proposed an assessment framework for the FAIRness of services. M2.10 Report on basic framework on FAIRness of services is a further contribution from the project group FAIR Semantics, Interoperability, and Services which produces recommendations on technologies that support semantic interoperability in a sustainable way, and practices that support FAIRness.

Created for owners and managers of data services, the FAIR services assessment framework offers concrete recommendations to improve the technical aspects of services including FAIR enablement, service quality, openness, and connectivity, as well as the more social aspects. These include user centricity, trustworthiness, and ethical and legal considerations.

The assessment framework was introduced to the services community at a recent webinar and is to be workshopped in some detail on 19 February. Entitled FAIRness of Services: A Closer Look at the FAIR Services Assessment Framework, the event will provide the opportunity for providers of data services – and all other interested stakeholders - across the full range of scientific disciplines to validate and further develop the model.

A further version of this report will be published in August 2021. Feedback and suggestions for improvement are welcome as comments on the public Google Docs version at  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wPesjAIeaOwfAT80ykK6xVvk4tVD0CDkfAEAa1VOGCA/

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