10 January 2020

Do you have a broad expertise in FAIR policy or practice? Do you bring strong research data advocacy experience? Are you a “FAIR” expert in your field? FAIRsFAIR is offering you the unique chance to join the European Group of FAIR Champions and help shape the future data policies for EOSC.

The FAIRsFAIR European Group of FAIR Champions (EGFC) is a highly visible group of experts and inspired influencers engaged on making FAIR data in Europe a reality. It is composed by scientific experts and “doers” in the field of FAIR data. Each EGFC member represents a different stakeholder group and provides advice on operational challenges and policies to improve the adoption of FAIR  practices in different scientific communities in Europe.

By becoming a Champion you will have the opportunity to:

  • drive and influence the development of competencies and capacity around the uptake of FAIR data principles.
  • help shape the development and implementation of standards for data management within their own discipline based on new, international good practice sourced at FAIRSFAIR.
  • influence requirements in Europe to be fed directly to the EOSC governing boards.
  • introduce FAIR data management use cases for customisation in their community/ies.


How do I apply?

Simply fill in the form available at this page.

Who can apply?

New members will be selected based on their individual merits, background and knowledge. They will share FAIR implementation stories, enhance synergies, and cross-fertilise with other projects and communities to maximise the impact of FAIRsFAIR.

How will I contribute?

By becoming a FAIRsFAIR Champion, you will have the opportunity to:

    • Contribute valuable content in any physical meetings, workshops or events organized also via video interviews (example), blogposts and commentaries (example)
    • Join the FAIRsFAIR Synchronization Force Workshops (2 in 2020)
    • Contribute to the White Paper and project reports that will feed into the EOSC Executive Board Working Group on FAIR.
    • Provide success stories for broad dissemination.
    • Respond to surveys as part of the FAIRsFAIR landscape analysis.

Apply to the Open Call for European Champions

Meet the current FAIRsFAIR Champions

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