The Report of the Third Synchronisation Force event is out!
15 October 2021

Building on the results from the first and second workshops and continuing the dialogue with its stakeholders, between Aptil 29th and June 10th FAIRsFAIR organised the third Synchronisation Force workshops as a series of online sessions bringing together representatives of INFRAEOSC-5 projects, ESFRI clusters and e-infrastructure projects, the EOSC Association Board of Directors, the FAIRsFAIR European Group of FAIR Champions and High-Level Advisory Committee, as well as project officers of the European Commission. The objective of these sessions was to survey the current state of activity towards implementing the recommendations outlined in the Turning FAIR into Reality report (2018), and to provide indicators of the amount of activity being undertaken.

D5.6 Report 3 of the Synchronisation Force This report provides an overview of activities being undertaken by projects involved in building a FAIR ecosystem for the European Open Science Cloud. Structured according to the ‘pillars’ and the recommendations presented in the Turning FAIR into Reality report, FAIRsFAIR hopes that this report will be useful in communicating the current landscape and that stakeholders, actors and the projects themselves will find it valuable as well for the purpose of identifying synergies and opportunities for collaboration.



D5.6 Report 3 of the Synchronisation Force
Davidson, Joy (DCC); Dillo, Ingrid (DANS-KNAW); Grootveld, Marjan (DANS-KNAW); Hodson , Simon (CODATA); Pittonet Gaiarin, Sara (Trust-IT). 


September 2021

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