12 April 2019

A series of three workshops, two in April and one in September, called ‘Services to Support FAIR Data’ has been announced by OpenAIRE, RDA Europe, FAIRsFAIR and EOSC-hub.

This workshop series wants to explore how existing infrastructures can work together and understand how to deliver services that support the creation of FAIR research outputs. These three events will be half-day long and are going to examine the scholarly and research ecosystem - what exists, what could be modified - and will give insights into optimum service provisioning.
They want also be a chance to engage experts and audiences on how to turn FAIR data into reality.

These are the themes to be explored:

  • what are the priorities that we need to work towards to support the production of FAIR research outputs?
  • what services currently exist that provide FAIR outputs and what are their experiences?
  • present use cases for supporting FAIR research outputs
  • what are the priorities for any future service certification process?

Each workshop will have slightly different objectives and be targeted at different communities. These include service providers, e-infrastructures, national representatives, infrastructure providers and scholarly communication experts. A common thread throughout is to work towards a common set of insights and recommendations to support the scholarly landscape move on in implementing practical services that meet the needs of tomorrow’s FAIR-oriented researchers.

Take-aways: The organisations involved in these workshops aim to support the EOSC implementation by providing a practical set of recommendations which occur as an outcome of these three workshops.

We look forward to your participation in these events and to sharing your perspectives as to how to support researchers to create FAIR data!

Dates and Information
Workshop 1
12 April 2019, Prague. ‘Services to support FAIR Data – Part 1
Target audience: service providers and research infrastructures

If you are attending only the FAIR workshop, please select the option “1 day ticket”

Workshop 2:
24 April  2019, Vienna. Services to support FAIR Data – Part 2
Target audience: research support staff

This event is free of charge

Workshop 3:
16-18 September 2019, Porto. Services to support FAIR data – Part 3
Target audience: users and service providers

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