10 June 2020


A new article published in PLOS Computational Biology and entitled Ten simple rules for making training materials FAIR is of considerable interest and relevance to the research community.

Authored by academics working in institutes of higher learning across Europe and the UK, the article proposes guidelines which apply the FAIR principles to the age old problem experienced by trainers looking to find, (re)use and adapt learning materials. While the context for the article is preparing biologists to cope with the increasingly computational aspects of their discipline, the guidelines are pertinent across domain and include amongst others:

  • Plan to share your training materials online
  • Give your training materials a unique identity
  • Make your training materials contribution friendly
  • Improve findability of your training materials by properly describing them

The Training Catalogue task force of the EOSC Training&Skills Working Group will include these guidelines in an upcoming landscape review which will also describe cataloguing initiatives such as those of ENVRI-FAIR and the 5b projects, and consider rules of participation based on the report from the EOSC Training workshop recently organised by DANS.  

To read the full article click here


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