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How to communicate FAIR? How to spark up a conversation on FAIR with your audience? How to assess one’s knowledge of FAIR? To answer these and other questions, Maaike Verburg and Linas Cepinskas from DANS recently delivered two demo sessions at the 3rd Open Science Fair Conference. By using hands-on examples and guiding the audience through easy steps, they demonstrated how the new functionality of the FAIR-Aware tool can enable trainers to better adapt and tailor their FAIR training to their learners.


Growing interest and demand 


Over the course of two days, the demo session welcomed more than 30 participants. While the vast majority of them had heard about the tool before, they were not fully aware of how FAIR-Aware can be used in the training context. 

Participants showed great interest in the new functionality of the tool. The discussion revolved around different approaches to use the tool in a training context, user data protection and data storage aspects as well as the use of the tool outside of Europe

Around 80% of the participants confirmed that they would likely use the tool in their training activities for researchers and students. What is more, they gave an average of  4 out of 5 stars for use-friendliness of the functionality. 

The demo sessions at the Open Science Fair 2021 presented a unique opportunity for the development team to virtually meet current and future users of FAIR-Aware. The new insights and ideas gathered from these sessions will help to upgrade the tool and make it even more relevant to users. You can learn more about the session and listen to the recording here. For presentation slides, click here


Your voice counts!


FAIR-Aware development is always on the lookout for user feedback and ready to answer your questions. If you would like to get in touch with the development team to learn more about the new functionality or the tool itself, send them an email at 


About FAIR-Aware


FAIR-Aware is an online self-assessment tool developed by DANS in the FAIRsFAIR project. It helps assess one’s knowledge of making a data(set) FAIR before depositing it in a repository. As the first step in making data more FAIR, the tool fosters awareness and willingness to comply with the FAIR data principles in practice. Being discipline-agnostic, the tool is for anyone working with data including trainers looking to deliver FAIR training in an innovative way. 



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