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Conference/Journal: SpringerNature

Authors: Elizabeth Newbold (Science and Technology Facilities Council (UKRI)) and many other Varsha Khodiyar (Springer Nature), Heidi Laine (Finnish Committee for Research Data), David O’Brien (International Development Research Centre), Raul Rodriguez-Esteban(Roche Innovation Center Basel), Yasemin Türkyilmaz-van der Velden(Delft University of Technology), Grace Baynes (Springer Nature), Matthew Brack (Infectious Diseases Data Observatory), Anne Cambon-Thomsen (CNRS, Inserm and University of Toulouse, France), David Carr (Wellcome Trust), Elisa Carrus(London South Bank University), Louise Chisholm (UCL), Claudia Civai(London South Bank University), Maria Cruz (NWO), Rebecca Grant (Springer Nature), Fátima L. S. Nunes(University of São Paulo)

2021 marks five years since the publication of the FAIR data principles. With a wide range of opinions and commentary, this white paper looks at the real-world impact of FAIR, and considers what will be next for research data and open science.

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