While Europe discusses its data strategy, the digital transformation must be on the radar of universities. Digital skills, the infrastructure and support for “FAIR” research data management, and the European Open Science Cloud are crucial elements to foster more digital science, argues Lennart Stoy, Project Officer in the Research & Innovation Unit at EUA, FAIRsFAIR partner involved in the FAIR Data Science and Professionalisation project activities.

If you follow the European policy space, you must have noticed that data is a top-level priority for Europe. Just last month the European Commission released its Data Strategy and a white paper on artificial intelligence. At EUA, we have worked on data for several years, often through the lens of Open Science – as it builds largely on the use of digital technologies and infrastructures. For instance, EUA contributed to the EU’s Open Data Directive and analysed institutional policies for research data management (RDM). Here, the idea of Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable (FAIR) research data is gaining ground. This means  treating and curating research data in a way that makes them, at the core, more easily reusable for other researchers and machines.

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