The FAIRsFAIR project is pleased to announce that a proof-of-concept training materials browser has been developed for use with the terms4FAIRskills terminology by a team from WP6. The purpose of this materials browser is to provide an ‘in use’ proof-of-concept instance of the terms4FAIRskills terminology. The browser retrieves teaching materials from an existing collection through the use of keywords derived from the terminology. 

This browser has been set up to work with materials that have been annotated using the terms4FAIRskills terminology. The materials can be accessed via URL or DOI. The browser has been developed using open source software and is released publicly so that others can extend or develop it.  

The TF4S terminology was initiated on the basis of three use cases, all of which aimed to ensure that the terminology is as usable and reusable as possible. Through demonstrating that terms4FAIRskills can be deployed usefully via tools such as this browser, we have illustrated that the terminology can be adopted, developed and extended by future projects, and hence be an example of a sustainable impact from the FAIRsFAIR project.


The proof of concept browser is currently available to view here with documentation openly available online here (GitHub repository); and here (API).

The browser will be moved to a more sustainable public online location during 2022, whilst the documentation and API will remain in their current GitHub locations. 

To find out more about the Terms4FAIRskills terminology, please visit, which includes technical reports, personnel and contact information on the T4FS project and its associated outputs.

To find out more about FAIRsFAIR WP6, please visit