19 November 2020

For the repositories selected to be part of FAIRsFAIR FAIR Support Programme, FAIRsFAIR is organising a workshop in which experts will analyse common issues these repositories are having in their journey towards the CoreTrustSeal certification, and tackle those issues.

The Support Programme for Data Repositories is helping 10 repositories to obtain CoreTrustSeal certification and supporting 12 data repositories in improving their level of interoperability. 

To know more about how FAIRsFAIR is supporting the repositories selected for CoreTrustSeal Certification, read the blogpost by Frans Huigen and Ilona von Stein.

Agenda (draft)

  • 12:30-12:35 Welcome 
  • 12:35-12:40 Results of the pre-workshop survey
  • 12:40-13:10 Presentations
    • 12:40-12:55 Highlighted topic A - Documentation
    • 12:55-13:10 Highlighted topic B - Workflows
  • 13:10-13:25 Discussion
  • 13:25-13:30 Wrap up and next steps


Workshop presentation slides

Post-workshop report






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