FAIRsFAIR Repository Support Series Webinars
21 April 2021 to 28 February 2022

FAIRsFAIR monthly webinar series aims to help repository managers become familiar with FAIR-enabling practices. Each webinar will provide an overview of a specific FAIR-enabling activity, share information on recent developments within FAIRsFAIR and other initiatives as well as offering examples of good practice, practical tips and recommendations. Each webinar will last a maximum in 1.5 hours and include time for questions and discussion. Registration is free and open to all however the main audience is repository managers and service providers. Data stewards and developers may also find the session informative.

You can check this page to see additional webinars as topics/dates/times are confirmed or register below to receive notifications by email’. The series will run monthly, from April 2021-February 2022.

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Using registries to improve the visibility of your repository service

July 13 2021 - 10-11:30 BST/ 11-12:30 CEST

Repository registry services are an essential component of the FAIR ecosystem as they help researchers to navigate through thousands of data repository services to find the ones that are most suitable to store and provide access to their research outputs and to enable them to search for and repurpose FAIR data created by others. This webinar will introduce two leading registry services - re3data and FAIRsharing - and help you to understand how using these services can improve the visibility of your repository service for a wide range of end users - both human and machines. The speakers will provide practical tips on what information you should include in your registry record to maximise the visibility of your service. This session will be of interest to a wide range of repository service providers wishing to make their services more visible including those at the national, thematic and institutional level. The session is also of benefit to those who already have registry entries but wish to make them more effective. This webinar is being run in cooperation with FAIRsharing and re3data.



10:00-10:10 Introduction (Joy Davidson, FAIRsFAIR) - slides

10:10-10:25 Overview of FAIRsharing registry service (Allyson Lister, FAIRsharing, Oxford e-Research Centre, University of Oxford) - slides

10:25-10:40 Overview of re3data registry service (Robert Ulrich, re3data, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) - slides

10:40-11:10 Practical walk through of what makes a good registry record

- FAIRsharing (Allyson Lister, FAIRsharing, , Oxford e-Research Centre, University of Oxford) - slides

- Re3data (Rouven Schabinger, re3data, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) - slides

11:10-11:20 Q&A - slides

11:20-11:30 Wrap up (Joy Davidson) - slides


Workshop video



FAIRsFAIR Repository Support Series - The role of Repositories in enabling Persistent Identifier (PID) Graphs

April 21, 2021 14:30-15:30 CET

Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) play a central role in the FAIR ecosystem. PIDs enable the unique identification of digital entities and provide a way for us to refer to entities in a persistent way. The power of PIDs is amplified when they are connected with each other, creating a PID Graph. This webinar will dive into the concept of the PID Graph and their usefulness for repositories. You will hear about the PID Graph developments that have taken place in the context of the EOSC through the FREYA project as well as within the RDA Interest Group on Open Science Graphs for FAIR Data. Finally, the webinar will close with an outlook on the work being done to support PID Graphs and the ongoing and upcoming activities taking place in the FAIRsFAIR project.  This webinar is the first of our series to support repositories to become more FAIR-enabling.

  • 14:30-14:35 Welcome (Ricarda  Braukmann - DANS)
  • 14:35-14:45 Introduction (Simon Lambert - STFC)
  • 14:45-15:05 The FREYA PID Graph (Martin Fenner, DataCite)
  • 15:05-15:15 Advancing DataCite Commons and accompanying measures by re3data - Sarala Wimalaratne (DataCite) and Robert Ulrich (re3data)
  • 15:15-15:25 Discussion (hosted by Ricarda  Braukmann - DANS) 
  • 15:25-15:30 Closure and recommendations (Joy Davidson - DCC)

Presentations here: https://zenodo.org/record/4708938#.YIE5vqHRY1k

FAIR-enabling Services: Validating The Framework - Have your say

May 20, 2021 15:00-17:00 CEST

Repositories are key service providers in the FAIR ecosystem. We encourage representatives of repositories of all types to join this two-hour webinar which will introduce our draft FAIR assessment framework. The proposed framework aims to help service providers to ensure their data services are 'FAIR enabling' and optimally support the FAIRification process. This workshop will introduce the six key aspects of the framework and there will be time for discussion and an opportunity to identify gaps and formulate improvements. Feedback received will be incorporated into a further iteration of the report to be published later in 2021. Official webpage here.

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